What is Kombucha Tea? A Healthy Powerful Drink, But Not

I first found kombucha a couple of years in the past, when it was supplied to me as an alternative choice to alcohol. 

I used to be in a wine store and needed a particular bottle of excellent high quality wine to have fun a special day.

A few buddies weren’t ingesting alcohol, so after I requested for one thing that wasn’t alcoholic or very low alcohol, they supplied kombucha.  

Kombucha bottles and fruit on a tray

I had by no means heard of kombucha, however purchased a bottle based mostly on the shopkeeper’s advice.  It was in a wine bottle (which helped!) and I used to be informed that it had a sour-sweet style. 

It turned out to be an enormous success with my buddies! 

What is Kombucha?

According to advocates, ingesting kombucha can result in enhancements in the way in which your physique capabilities. 

They say it could actually assist: 

  • your digestion 
  • rid your physique of poisons
  • enhance your power and immune system
  • allow you to shed pounds
  • lower hypertension and heart illness 

However, no analysis in people has taken place however these causes alone, taking a more in-depth have a look at kombucha is definitely worthwhile.

What is in Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented drink consisting of black tea (generally inexperienced tea), sugar, and incorporates a colony of micro organism, a sort of yeast known as ‘scoby’. 

Once fermentation is full, the drink turns into carbonated. 

Black tea leaves in a wooden spoon with a glass of tea

It additionally incorporates vinegar-type natural enzymes, probiotics, acids, and nutritional vitamins.

It’s been used for 1000’s of years and proclaimed to be a miracle health elixir, significantly by the Chinese. 

A wholesome highly effective drink nevertheless it’s not for everybody.

Popularity of Kombucha is on the Rise

Kombucha has grown in recognition over latest years.

It’s pretty straightforward to make at dwelling and the tendencies present that folks are actually in search of a drink that is extra practical with dietary advantages, fairly than ingesting sodas or excessive calorie juices. 

The international kombucha market is anticipated to develop at an annual charge of 19.7% from 2020 to 2027 to achieve USD 7.05 billion by 2027.

Is Kombucha Safe?

Generally kombucha is thought-about secure however based on the Mayo Clinic there have been reviews of hostile results, resembling abdomen upset, infections and allergic reactions in some kombucha tea drinkers. 

It is, nonetheless, extremely doubtless that this is as a result of persons are both ingesting an excessive amount of of it or are brewing at dwelling with non-sterile tools. 

The FDA says kombucha is secure when it’s correctly ready, so I might recommend you purchase it from a grocery store or a health retailer.  

What Does Kombucha Taste Like? 

With a bitter, sharp, and vinegary-sweet style, it is definitely an acquired style for a lot of. 

When attempting it for the primary time, it’s potential you’ll both find it irresistible or hate it. 

However there are many completely different flavours to make it extra palatable and pleasurable, resembling ginger lemon, cherry plum and peach.

Three bottles of Kombucha in different flavors

Kombucha Nutrition Facts

A 16 ounce serving of unpasteurized natural kombucha might include:

  • 60 energy
  • 20 mg of sodium
  • 14 grams carbohydrate 
  • 4 grams of sugar
  • 20 – 25% of your day by day B and nutritional vitamins – B2, B1, B3, B6, foliate, and B12, often called the power vitamin. 

It incorporates black tea which is excessive in polyphenols and antioxidants, nice for the physique and energizes the system.

Kombucha Benefits for Women 

A woman making a heart shape in front of her stomach

If you already eat fermented meals like yogurt, kefir, fermented pickles, or sauerkraut then you’ll be able to add Kombucha to this listing, as a result of the health advantages are related.

1. It’s a Probiotic – It can assist your digestion and assist your immune system.

2. It Improves Energy –  Its natural enzymes make iron obtainable to the physique and it incorporates vitamin C which helps with iron absorption too. 

3. Better Digestion and Gut Health – The acid in kombucha triggers enzymes that assist dissolve protein which results in  higher digestion.  The fermentation course of creates probiotics. Probiotics assist with diarrhea and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

When sugar is fermented, it creates a number of probiotics or several types of yeasts to type and it helps steadiness out and kill off the dangerous microorganisms within the physique which aids in wholesome bowel actions.

4. Helps Blood Sugars – Kombuchahelps stabilize your blood sugars. It improves insulin resistance and so improves ldl cholesterol and blood sugar. You’re prone to have much less cravings, much less starvation and also you’re capable of go longer while you’re fasting. 

5. Helps with Type 2 Diabetes – If you’re ingesting kombucha rather than soda or different sugary drinks, it’s a lot decrease in sugar and an alternative choice to these with diabetes.

6. It Lowers Stress Levels – Kombucha incorporates quite a lot of B Vitamins which has been confirmed to decrease stress. 

7. Aids Sleep – If you don’t drink an excessive amount of, it’ll assist your sleep. So take about half a container full (about 8 oz.), and it’s nice blended with a drop of water to sip earlier than bedtime. 

You will sleep higher as a result of while you acidify the abdomen, it will increase the absorption of calcium and different minerals which can assist your sleep. 

However, don’t take an excessive amount of kombucha, in any other case it could have the other impact and also you received’t have the ability to sleep at evening.

8. Lowers Cholesterol Levels – The excellent news is that there was a lower of levels of cholesterol in an animal examine however no human research have but been performed.

How it Can Help Weight-Loss for Women

Woman standing on a scale

Detox – You can use kombucha as a part of your detoxing routine because it rids your physique of poisons due to the glucuronic acid, based on this assessment.

Low in Calories – As kombucha solely incorporates round 30 energy per cup you should use it to interchange the calorically dense fruit juices or sodas that you just’re ingesting. 

Although it is suggested to stay to the rules of 8 ounces per day, there isn’t analysis to again up any health claims, however the animal research are indicating that it may encourage a calorie diminished weight-reduction plan.

Other Health Benefits of Kombucha

1. High in Antioxidants 

The black tea that’s used to make kombucha is good for anti-aging and fights heart illness and most cancers.

2. Supports Mental Health

Probiotics help the intestine lining which in flip helps psychological health, as do the B nutritional vitamins it incorporates. 

3. Helps with Arthritis

Many consider it helps with joint ache and kombucha incorporates enzymes that help in muscle tissue restore.

4. Lung Support

Kombucha can help your lungs in sure cases due to the probiotics within the black tea. The antioxidants help the cardiovascular system. 

5. Antibacterial Properties

The natural acids in kombucha create an setting the place good micro organism can develop and likewise it retains dangerous micro organism and sure yeasts at bay. 

6. Heart Health

It’s good in your heart due to the antioxidants.

7. Supports the Liver

Kombuchahas natural acids which help the liver and aids in cleansing and cleaning.

Is Kombucha Healthy for Everyone?

Three glasses filled with different flavors of Kombucha

If you will have a situation known as acidosis which signifies that your physique has an excessive amount of acid, you don’t wish to drink kombucha tea as a result of it’ll make the situation worse, particularly in 52% of girls based on this report.

If you will have an ulcer or gastritis, then it’s not a good suggestion to drink kombucha as a result of there may be an excessive amount of acid. 

It’s additionally not suggested to drink kombucha when you’ve got a situation known as SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

Alcohol Content –  Because it’s a fermented drink it does include hint quantities of alcohol . It’s usually about 0.5% however it may be larger, so it is finest to learn the labels . 

Hidden Sugar – There may be about 2g of sugar within the Kombucha so learn the labels. The sugar content material could be a lot larger, as much as about 10g of sugar, relying on what substances had been used.

It varies from provider to provider. Some producers brew all of the sugar out. This sort of Kombucha has a ‘long aged’ fermentation course of and is  best in case you are following a low-sugar consuming plan. 

But when you’re making it your self, you’ll be able to permit it to ferment longer so you should have much less sugar. 

When you make Kombucha your self, keep in mind it includes letting micro organism develop in a liquid you’re going to drink.

Many of the micro organism are thought-about probiotics, but when it’s not ready correctly, it could actually develop dangerous micro organism or mould.

Is Kombucha Bad for Your Health?

Is it proper for everybody – No, sadly kombucha isn’t proper for everybody and AVOID when you’ve got:

  • Candida Issues  – If you will have candida yeast overgrowth don’t drink kombucha.
  • Dental Concerns – Kombucha incorporates acid and might put on away the enamel, similar to fruit acids, so finest to make use of a straw when you’ve got any considerations.
  • Digestive Diseases – Those that suffer from IBS, Crohn’s illness, or ulcerative colitis might wish to keep away from kombucha. Many folks with IBS can tolerate about 6 ounces.
  • Those Avoiding Alcohol  – The alcohol ranges are very low, however they’re nonetheless there.
  • Those Avoiding Caffeine – Kombucha’s caffeine ranges are  just like about 1/3 or 1/4 a cup of espresso, and related caffeine ranges to a cup of white tea or inexperienced tea. 

Making Kombucha Yourself at Home: Just be rigorous with cleanliness, together with your tools and your palms. Use glass, stainless-steel or plastic containers, however no ceramic.

How to Choose the Right Kombucha: Check the labels for sugar content material and experiment with numerous flavors till you get one that you just like essentially the most.

What is the Best Way to Drink Kombucha, and How Much Should You Start With?

If you don’t fall beneath the Avoid List, I recommend you begin ingesting a small quantity sparsely after which progressively work as much as a full serving to gauge your physique’s response. 

It’s safely really helpful you’ll be able to eat as much as 4 ounces/118 mL one to 3 instances a day. 

That means not more than 12 ounces a day.  I wish to drink one serving a day within the morning earlier than breakfast, and it’s essential drink it day by day to profit.

Make or Buy Your Own?

A woman purs homemade Kombucha into a pitcher
A woman purs homemade Kombucha into a pitcher

You should purchase it or make your individual at dwelling.

Kombucha is extensively obtainable in two kinds, specifically, unique uncooked taste and flavor-infused type. 

I’ve tried each and like the flavor-infused type, however be careful for the rise in sugar!

Is Kombucha an Alternative to Alcohol or Sodas?

This is how I first found Kombucha and I believe it’s an important different for alcohol.

It has the identical texture as beer or champagne with related carbonation. 

Can I Include Kombucha on a Keto Diet?  

Kombucha is good for folks following the keto plan as a result of it incorporates minimal alcohol and mustn’t kick you out of ketosis.

But examine the substances and diet label to ensure it’s additionally low in sugar.   

Experiment Yourself!

I consider that wholesome folks ought to drink kombucha and it is an important addition to a nutritious diet plan.

If you wish to shed pounds, improve power ranges or simply do away with the sodas, then kombucha is an important different. 

Kombucha is a brilliant meals that can assist you do exactly that, however as I mentioned earlier than it is an acquired style. 

So experiment with the completely different flavors and purchase from a wide range of producers till you get one you want. 

With the vast assortment of flavors obtainable and all tastes fairly distinctive, it’s effectively price taking the time to experiment, take pleasure in!

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