10-Minute Bicep Workout For Women

Who doesn’t need sculpted, horny arms? If you’re feeling such as you’re combating flabby arms or don’t like to point out off your arms with tank tops, beginning to energy practice your biceps can assist and that’s why I created this 10-minute bicep exercises for ladies.

It’s a typical false impression amongst girls that should you carry, you’re going to bulk up. But actually, that’s simply not the case! If you need to be toned, smooth arms then again, you then SHOULD be lifting weights.

You additionally ought to be doing bicep workouts like bicep curls and hammer curls. And whereas smooth, toned arms not solely look nice, higher physique energy is definitely essential to staying wholesome and succesful as you age.

And don’t be fooled that bicep workouts for ladies ought to be carried out with mild weights—we’re going to encourage you to go heavy along with your dumbbells should you can and make these biceps work!

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The Benefits of Bicep Workouts for Women

The sooner you begin incorporating energy coaching of any type into your exercise, the higher. As you age, you begin to lose muscle, which may additionally decelerate your metabolism.

So should you aren’t presently energy coaching your biceps, it’s time to start out.

It doesn’t require an enormous time dedication—ten minutes is all it takes! We’re going to point out you an unbelievable 10-minute bicep exercise for ladies that offers you stunning biceps and likewise trains your triceps (sure, it’s good to concurrently practice your triceps with a purpose to have sculpted arms).

But earlier than we get to the exercise, let’s discover some key explanation why it’s best to begin strengthening your arms at present.

Upper Body Strength & Functional Fitness

More importantly than how we glance is how we really feel! As you age, do you need to really feel sturdy and assured, or weak and discouraged?

That could sound harsh, however maintaining with practical fitness—coaching that helps us full fundamental capabilities of life and really feel succesful—additionally does wonders for our psychological perspective, too.

Women, typically, are inclined to lose a number of higher physique energy as we age if not actively changing it. To fight that, and keep sturdy and match, we have to energy practice all our muscle groups, together with our higher physique.

The bicep workouts for ladies on this weblog are an awesome place to start out!

More Muscle = Better Metabolism

You’ve most likely heard that muscle and metabolism are linked. It’s true. The extra muscle you’ve got in your physique, the extra energy your physique is ready to burn at relaxation. But sadly, each are inclined to lower as you age.

According to Harvard Medical School, after the age of 30, we lose as a lot as 3%-5% of muscle mass per decade.

That’s not good for burning energy at relaxation. The extra muscle you construct, the higher your metabolism works.

Want extra convincing? According to Tufts University, energy coaching will cut back the dangers and signs of arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, diabetes, weight problems, again ache, and melancholy. What’s to not love about that?

So constructing muscle throughout your physique, together with your biceps, is essential if you wish to keep sturdy and maintain your metabolism excessive.

10-Minute Bicep Workout For Women

Ready to your 10-minute bicep exercises for ladies? The beneath biceps workouts are designed particularly for ladies to strengthen not solely their biceps but in addition their triceps, shoulders, and somewhat chest too!

When you practice the biceps, you additionally want to coach the triceps since they’re opposing muscle teams.

Typically, muscle groups on the entrance of our our bodies are usually stronger just because we use them extra usually.

But, to stop harm and create a very good muscular stability it’s good to practice each sides of the physique, due to this fact this biceps and arm firming exercise additionally incorporates a number of tricep workouts too.


  • A set of dumbbells
  • A timer


  • Set a timer for ten minutes
  • Do 10-12 reps of every train beneath, then take a 1-minute relaxation after you full all of them. Begin once more from the highest.
  • Stop working when the timer goes off!
  • Do this exercise twice per week, mixed with cardio, to start out seeing stronger, extra toned arms.
  • Read on after the exercise for extra tips about coaching your biceps.

1. Bicep Curl

Here’s the best way to do bicep curls:

  1. To do bicep curls, stand with toes hip-width aside. Start by holding the dumbbells down subsequent to the edges of your legs with arms totally prolonged, a slight bend within the elbow, and palms dealing with ahead.
  2. Bend your elbows and curl your dumbbells as much as your shoulders, ensure that your bicep curl all the way in which to the highest.
  3. Lower the weights again down ensuring to straighten your arms till they’re subsequent to your legs the place you began.

2. Hammer Curl

Here’s the best way to do a hammer curl:

  1. Stand with toes hip width aside with core engaged, weights resting at sides with palms dealing with in.
  2. Curl the dumbbells up, thumbs on prime, till they attain shoulders. Lower to start out place with management.

3. Push-Up Punch

Here’s the best way to do a push-up punch:

  1. Begin in a plank place along with your shoulders over your wrists, your toes collectively, and your physique in a straight line. Position your toes hip width aside or barely narrower.
  2. Keeping your physique straight, bend your arms to decrease your physique towards the ground.
  3. Straighten your arms to push your physique again up into plank place as you punch your proper arm ahead.  Return your hand to the ground, decrease again to the underside of your push-up and repeat punching with left arm.

4. Tricep Overhead Extension

Tricep extensions are among the finest arm workouts. Here’s the best way to do tricep overhead extensions:

  1. Stand with toes hip-width aside holding dumbells straight overhead and preserving your backbone lengthy and abs tight.
  2. Bend elbows reducing dumbbells behind the bottom of the pinnacle. Keep your elbows hugging in in direction of your head and pointing ahead. Then lengthen your arms lengthy returning to your beginning place working the triceps.

5. Tricep Dips

Here’s the best way to do tricep dips:

  1. Start seated with knees bent and toes on the ground. Place fingers behind you, immediately beneath the shoulders, with finger dealing with your hips. Lift hips to a hover.
  2. Bend elbow straight again and use your triceps to press again up.

This is without doubt one of the most difficult however finest bicep workouts as a result of it makes use of your individual body weight to sculpt your higher physique.

Do’s and Don’ts for Weight Lifting

Most of the strikes on this 10-minute bicep exercises for ladies would require dumbbells. If you’re not presently utilizing weights, listed here are some fundamentals on arm exercises with dumbbells.

Learn the DO’s and DON’Ts for weight lifting particularly for the biceps!

DON’T Be Afraid To Go Heavy

Many biceps exercises for ladies say to make use of mild weights to keep away from “bulking up.” But right here’s the reality: it will be fairly exhausting so that you can bulk up except you had been consuming large quantities of protein and lifting weights 24/7.

The finest biceps exercise for ladies makes use of resistance to assist your bicep muscle groups develop!

Heavier weights are GOOD on the subject of a bicep exercise! Why? Because the heavier you go, the extra muscle fibers you recruit.

Meaning you truly problem your bicep muscle groups, and that’s what it’s good to strengthen and tone them.

Now, what constitutes a “heavy” weight for you? Everyone is somewhat completely different. Start out with 8 kilos; if that’s doable, go to 10, 12, and so forth.

Just do what feels exhausting, however not unimaginable. You need to PUSH your self! be

DO Focus On Form

When you’re lifting weights, you need to go heavy sufficient that you simply’re working exhausting. But this doesn’t imply it’s best to sacrifice on type.

From the beginning place to the top, transfer with focus. Make positive you don’t simply jerk the dumbbell round both.

When you maintain a dumbbell at all times slowly decrease it as you consider activating your bicep muscle and higher arm.

If you must go somewhat slower, that’s effective! You need to have management over your actions once you’re lifting dumbbells even when they really feel mild.

You’ll see higher outcomes should you go sluggish and managed than you’d should you’re attempting to go tremendous quick and sacrificing type. Connect the thoughts to the muscle; sluggish and regular is simply effective!

DO Get Your Weekly Cardio In, Too

We assume this is without doubt one of the finest bicep exercises for ladies routine you are able to do, however now we have to speak cardio, too.

If you’re firming your bicep muscle groups however nonetheless have some fat to lose that’s masking it up, you’re not going to have the ability to see these attractive muscle groups.

Make positive you’re nonetheless getting in your weekly cardiovascular train along with different exercises like HIIT, biking, or boot camp-style exercises to maintain burning fat and maintain your muscle groups guessing!

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