The Law Of Attraction is the concept that your life is to some extent the result of your own energy. A positive energy is said to attract positive things into your life, and negative energy attracts negative things into your life. Everyone is using the law of attraction, they simply don’t realize it – they are, through their thoughts and their energy, attracting the people, conditions, and lifestyle that they have.

Through a combination of your subconscious beliefs, your thoughts, your actions, and your energy you are manifesting your life every day. While you may not have control over everything that happens to you, you do have control over your own thoughts and beliefs.

The question then becomes: how do we use the law of attraction to attract the life we want?

It can be difficult to break the cycle of negative thoughts, anger, the feeling of being ‘stuck in a rut’, and negative attitudes toward food, exercise, money but through understanding the law of attraction, and using it to your advantage, you may be able to manifest the life of your dreams.


The Law Of Attraction is the concept that you attract your life circumstances through your thoughts and beliefs. Once understand this universal law can then be used to direct your life into what you want it to be. People have used the law of attraction and it’s principles to manifest everything for their dream car to their dream romantic partnership.

The power of the human mind and the power of belief can not be underestimated, once you have truly set your mind to something there is no telling what you’ll be able to accomplish.


The focus of most manifestation goals is usually on relationships and wealth, but once you fully understand the law of attraction – physical change is just as possible. Through the law of attraction you will be able to pull your thoughts and actions into alignment, neutralize negative thoughts, find a deep inner-motivation to become who you want to be and even, according to many prominent quantum researches, change yourself on a molecular level allowing you to become the person you always wanted to be.

Doing this starts easier than you may think, through the use of powerful affirmations and subliminal messages you can reprogram your thoughts creating a foundation to build from.

This foundation will provide the framework needed to begin manifesting your dream life and your dream YOU into reality.


In order to succeed with the law of attraction and manifest something that you want it is key to align your energy with what you desire. The simplest way to do this is the “act as if” strategy.

This means that you are to behave as if you have already manifested everything that you want.

You need to think and act like the person you want to be.

This will create a powerful energy link as your intentions, actions, beliefs, and thoughts all come into alignment and you will feel yourself pulled into becoming what you are acting as.

This may be difficult at first, one tip I’ve used in the past is setting up a reminder on my phone that buzzes every 15 minutes during the day and simply asks;

“Is this what the person you want to be would be doing right now?”

That may be a little confrontational for some, but I have found that for myself that direct challenge to my lifestyle and actions helped me ensure that I was regularly acting “as if” I was the healthy, fit, person I want to be and because of this I was able to manifest it into my life with much greater ease than many others who struggle with getting the law of attraction to work for them.

Another way I was able to utilize the law of attraction was by making use of affirmations and subliminals.


The Law Of Attraction states that you get what you put your focus on. So let’s begin by turning your focus onto having the figure that you desire with these simple, yet powerful affirmations:

I Believe In My Ability To Love Myself For Who I Am.

I Am The Creator Of My Future.

I Love To Eat Healthy Food.

I Am In Control Of How Much I Eat.

I Am A Total Gym Bunny.

I Am Full of Positive Energy.

I Am In The Process of Becoming The Best Version Of Myself.

I Am Creating My Dream Life.

One of the most effective ways to absorb affirmations is through powerful multi-layered subliminals.

Subliminals are designed in such a way that you do not directly hear the affirmations but as they are layered deep in the audio they bypass your conscious mind and go directly to your subconscious – allowing them to re-build your thought patterns and beliefs from the ground up.


The Law Of Attraction is the simple idea that your thoughts have the power to change the world around you, that you have, unknowingly, been manifesting the conditions your currently live in through your own beliefs and thought patterns and that through harnessing this natural universal law and taking control of your own thoughts and beliefs you can manifest nearly anything.

From money to relationships to health, the “secret” as it is sometimes called is simply taking control of your own thoughts in order to take control of your own life instead of just wandering aimless through life with the law of attraction you can assert some control.

I have, through the combination of affirmation and subliminals been able to break out of my negative thoughts and begin manifesting the life that I actually want, and I think you can too.

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