Complete 6-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp

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3 Simple, Instantly Downloadable eBooks

The Introductory Manual: The Manual of the 6-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp is more than just an introduction. This is a deeper look into all the science and research behind why we get fat and what exactly to do about it.

Diet Guide: Making dieting easy with simple instructions on what to eat this guide will help you create a diet plan that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle. Includes recipes for tasty healthy meals.

Complete Workout Plan:Improve body composition by losing fat & building muscle at the same time with this training designed to accelerate fat loss and maximize fitness gains.

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6-Week Fat Loss Tracker: Track your weight loss with this helpful and easily printable tracker. Includes sections for body-weight, measurements, and room to keep track of your exercises.

Motivation Guide: Learn how to stay motivated for long term results with this motivation guide, from quick tips to “must know” motivation strategies, you’ll be able to follow along as we describe multiple motivation methods we’re willing to put our money on.

Bootcamp Checklist: An easily printable checklist to stick to your fridge or keep beside your bed to stay on track throughout the fat loss bootcamp.

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