Gym Tips For Newbies

Top 6 Essential Gym Tips For Newbies

Gyms don’t hand out an “Official Rulebook” when you join, well… some might, but none that I’ve ever been a member of. So if you’re about to join the gym for the first time, here’s a few important Gym Tips For Newbies to keep in mind.

From bothersome missteps to dealing with any insecurities that might pop up these six things will prepare you for the gym.

1. You’re not the center of attention

For some people this is a tough pill to swallow when it comes to everyday life, but it’s a relief for almost anyone when it comes to the gym. The idea that everyone is paying attention to you or cares at all about your progress (or lack there-of) is all in your head.

Everyone in the gym is focused on themselves, even if you make some catastrophic mistake that causes a loud bang sound – basically everyone will turn away and get back to focusing on themselves after giving you a brief glance.

2. Don’t get lost in the mirror

Selfies, checking your makeup, and flexing for yourself is all fun and good but it can be annoying for others. Gym mirrors are there to make sure your form is correct. Use them for that purpose and understand that’s what others are trying to do to, so do your best not to block anyone’s view.

3. If you bring a bag, keep it in a locker

Only take the essentials with you (water bottle, towel to wipe off equipment when you’re done with it), a bag gets in peoples way and is a possible tripping hazard.

4. Leave People Alone

Don’t ask guys how they got so big, don’t pull headphones out of a girls’ ear to try to start a conversation with her. Being overly-social is very rarely a bad trait but when people are trying to focus on their workout, they usually want to be left alone.

This doesn’t mean you need to be mean or ignore people if they say something to you though, being the gym grouch isn’t a good look for anyone.

5. Don’t be afraid to ask for a spot

The opposite of the last rule, if you need a spot. Ask someone, gym employee or someone else working out. Lifting is about safety and this is one situation where simply asking someone for help is the right thing to do. You might even build a lasting friendship with someone you meet at the gym.

6. Re-Rack your weights when you’re done with them

Do not leave your workout area with your weights still loaded onto the bar. It is not other people’s job to clean up after you.

Check out other so called gym-sins in this video:


Going to the gym for the first time can be an intimidating or confusing experience for some. With these six tips you’ll be able to let that initial nervousness fall to the wayside and get down to doing what you’re there to do in the first place: to exercise and have fun.

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