forces keeping you from losing weight

The Five Invisible Forces Keeping You From Losing Weight

For those of us who have gone through numerous diets and experienced failed new year’s resolution after failed new year’s resolution it can seem like there is some invisible force keeping us from losing weight.

In fact, there’s more than one of them.

Here we’ll go over the various invisible forces that are keeping you from being able to lose weight effectively and how to beat each one so you can become the you that you’ve always wanted to be.

Habit-Based Cravings

You’re used to certain foods and flavors, whether they are sweet, salty, or sour odds are the foods you are trying to cut out have been a big part of your diet for a long time.

You’ve conditioned yourself to expect these treats throughout the day. Habits take time to create and are tough to break.

Food as Comfort – ‘Emotional Eating’

Many people were soothed as children with ice-cream and other treats, food was established as something to make you feel better or as a reward for doing well. You’re an adult now and

sometimes you need consoling, and you know what works. Part of this is that the food is tasty, the other is that you’ve been psychologically conditioned for years to think of it as the one thing that can make you feel happy.

Try addressing the root cause of your stresses, and accept that a large part of this is all in your head. In fact exercise releases far more feel-good endorphin’s than even the tastiest food does.

Diets are Imprisoning (or just boring) You

Those incredibly specific diets and meal plans that seem fun at first?

They become self-made prisons, you want freedom to choose what to eat each day and the only way to break out of that restriction seems to be to go back to your old eating habits. This is why we’re working to build a whole world of food for you to choose from instead of one meal plan.

You can’t break the ‘All or Nothing’ Mindset

It is said that when Cortes reached the site of his conquest he ordered his men to burn their ships. There was to be no turning back, no chance of retreat. They’d either conquer or die. Cortes was victorious, but that doesn’t mean this is the way to live your life.

For one, I’m not sure being ‘overweight is a ‘or die’ level psych-out, being ‘over-weight is by no means the worst thing in the world. Secondly, this tends to show up in much stranger ways such as ‘Can’t find food that is 100% healthy and amazing for me in every way so I may as well just eat McDonald’s all day.’

Try to remember, every little thing doesn’t need to be perfect, we’re taking steps here. A journey of a thousand miles and all that.

Trying to Follow Expensive/ Unrealistic/Totally Impractical Weight-Loss Plans

You have work, kids, and maybe school on top of that. Sometimes trying to follow a strict meal plan is near impossible, especially if it requires specific and expensive foods and you’re in a low-income situation.

This puts an unneeded new pressure on you that by its very nature necessitates you drop it.


Knowing these five invisible forces working against you is important. Sometimes it’s hard for us to articulate why a diet didn’t work out but if you’re aware of and ready for each of these you can face them head on.

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