anti-wrinkle eye cream

How to Make Your Own Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream

This simple treatment can profoundly soften the dreaded “crows feet” that form around our eyes as we age. I find the light application of oil extremely soothing to the area around my eyes, particularly if I have been outside in sunlight (and forgot my sunglasses) or have spent hours staring into a computer screen.

  • Cleanse and tone your face, leaving it slightly damp around the eyes

  • Pour a few drops of your chosen base oil into the palm of your hand (I recommend avocado oil)

  • Dip your ring finger into the oil and gently pat the substance around (not directly on) your eye

  • Begin at the outer corner and slowly move beneath your eye toward the inner corner, then onto the very upper portion of the lid or brow bone area just below the actual brow, and back over to the outer corner.

  • Repeat the previous step three to four times, then pat off any excess oil, leaving a light film of oil on your skin.

Quick Ways To Soothe Redness or Puffiness Around Your Eyes

Cold temperatures constrict blood vessels, decreasing puffiness, redness, and irritation. To help relieve puffiness and dark circles, apply any of the following to the skin around your eyes (being careful not to get in in your eyes), and then lie back and rest for 15 minutes:

  • Cold, damp black or green tea bags

  • Cosmetic cotton rounds soaked in chilled tea of catnip, rose petals, chamomile flowers, elder flowers, eye-bright, fennel seeds, lavender buds, or blackberry leaves

  • Thin slices of cold cucumber or white potato

  • Cosmetic cotton rounds soaked in cold witch hazel

  • Cosmetic cotton rounds soaked in cold, full-fat coconut milk or whole dairy milk

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