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ORGANIFI – Read This Before You Buy

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Everywhere you turn you see something to do with ‘juicing’. Big signs advertising the latest ‘juicing’ device or product at every big box store and ‘freshly juiced’ drinks at Starbucks. You might go to watch something on YouTube and be stopped by ad advertisement for some new ‘juicing’ product.

There are books, websites and magazine articles regarding how to juice things, or what juiced products to buy. You can purchase a wide range of hardware to enable you to blend together the juice from healthy foods.

The main issue is, are we able to shop for every one of the products we would need? Can we even find them all at our local grocery store? Especially when some of the main proponents of juicing are including fruits and vegetables you may have not even heard of prior to seeing them talk about how they blend it in to make their morning smoothie.

There are numerous organizations creating pre-made green juices so that you don’t have to go out searching for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients yourself. One such product is Organifi. They guarantee we can get all our super-foods in one beverage.

Organifi is a green juice mix that is publicized as advancing well-being, and providing stress relief and prosperity by detoxifying the body and providing quality nutritional support. that all sounds great but, does it work?

Let’s find out!


Organifi was made by a guy named Drew Canole, creator of FitLifeTV. Dave has consistently been a tremendous proponent of juicing even before making organifi, whenever he would prescribe to somebody to get their leafy greens he would tell to them that the best method to get it was to ‘juice’ it – mix together quality greens into a smoothie. Now maybe he was doing this because he was secretly planning on one day releasing a pre-made mix like Organifi and wanted to lay the groundwork for his product launch, I’m not sure.

He has stated that his objective with Organifi was to make an item that tasted great and was loaded up with the best healthy fixings but was easy to get ready. Along these lines, individuals could simply stir up a powdered beverage and not need to invest energy utilizing a blender or food processor to put together their smoothies.

Organifi Green Juice is sold as a simple to-make, delicately dried superfoods drink blend that can support mental clearness, improve your general well-being, decrease feelings of stress, detoxify your body, and rejuvenate your skin.

Truth be told, Organifi claims their Green Juice can supercharge your life, reestablish your shining great well-being and even help you feel more youthful, without agonizing over looking for products, blending and mixing them, and tidying up the mess afterword. With Organifi it’s all done for you.


You want to be as healthy as possible when it comes down to it, but it takes time to juice your own vegetables— not to mention the expenses involved in purchasing them all separatley.

This is where Organifi comes in as a ready-to-go smoothie pre-mixed: this item contains 11 primary components. It’s split into two blends. An Alkaline Greens Blend and a Superfood Blend.

The Alkaline Greens Blend contains:

  • Wheatgrass: May help with many illnesses including arthritis, diabetes and obesity.

  • Moringa: This plant has been used to treat many ailments in folk medicine. It is rich in amino acids that assist cells to grow, repair and retain.

  • Spirulina: May help with high cholesterol, cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

  • Chlorella: This green algae contains polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, polysaccharides, minerals and vitamins. It can have a lot of health advantages.

  • Matcha Green Tea: This powder is a green tea focused form. Tea has been shown to contribute to detoxification, energy boosting, stress reduction and weight loss.

  • Mint: Has been used to assist with digestive issues for many years. It has many other advantages in terms of health.

  • Lemon: May help with appetite control and weight loss.

The Superfoods Blend contains:

  • Coconut Water: This could have a lot of health advantages. Coconut water is a useful source of fiber, vitamin C and several minerals in young coconuts. It’s an antimicrobial. It can assist with diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure and kidney stones. It may also be useful to replenish liquids and electrolytes after exercise.

  • Ashwagandha: This has been used for millennia in Ayurvedic healing. It can assist with brain function and memory. It is used as a tonic with a broad range of health benefits. It was used as a diuretic, narcotic, and aphrodisiac.  It can be a stimulant and can assist with stress as well. It can be both anti-arthriticand anti-inflammatory.

  • Red Beet: Has antioxidant characteristics and anti-inflammatory. It can assist reduce blood pressure and enhance brain blood flow. It may also improve performance in athletics.

  • Turmeric: This is another ingredient that has been used for many years in Ayurvedic medicine. It is an antioxidant spice that can assist treat and deter many diseases.

Made without gluten, soy or GMO ingredients. It is also vegan friendly.


As a mother to three kids, I’m always looking for something to help with my energy levels. Back in the day I’d spend all day tired then toward the day’s end I’d drop on the love seat, and start stuffing my face with sugary snacks. I’d feel too tired to work out, too worn out to even consider doing anything.

Since then I’ve improved my own health considerably but I’m always looking for something to give me an additional edge, a little more energy, or to feel a little better. After seeing numerous ads for Organifi I decided to try it myself,

I figured “whats the worst that could happen?

My greatest concern was the taste, one especially negative review I’d read invested a lot of energy going over how awful it tasted.

When I got it I opened it up right away and took one full scoop and blended it with water.

I discovered it to have a kind of ‘dry mint’ scent, and keeping in mind that it wasn’t the best-tasting-thing-ever I tried it and – in my opinion it didn’t taste bad at all. It probably depends a lot on how you feel about the taste or greens in general, on the off chance that you think kale tastes terrible you’ll most likely despise this. The best way I could describe it is it taste like plants with a hint of mint.

While it wasn’t as strong as a coffee or a Bang energy drink I did experience an nice little energy boost each day that I used Organifi (my container kept going around 42 days).

I would take it in the first part of the day as opposed to having a small coffee and discovered that it worked well-enough for me in terms of getting that morning kick you need to get the day started.



As somebody with constrained time the ability to stir this into existence was a great benefit to it in my opinion. You don’t need to utilize a shaker to get your smoothie made. I discover it breaks down fine and dandy with a spoon.

Let’s pause for a moment to acknowledge how much simpler it is to simply utilize this instead of attempt to make your own green smoothie beverage. No washing off vegetables, no hacking, no attempting to scratch all the green gunk out of the blender.

Helps with Stress Management

The adaptogen it includes is one really distinctive characteristic of the juice mix that must be listed in any Organifi review. Adaptogens are herbs that have been demonstrated to combat stress’s physical and mental impacts. Organifi includes ashwaghanda, a proven adaptogen that is quite popular on its own.

If you decide against getting Organifi, you may still want to consider picking up an ashwaghanda supplement some day if you experience high levels of stress. When you have a product like Organifi with so many ingredients it can be hard to pinpoint which ones are responsible for the positive effects but after doing some reading I’m pretty confident that the ashwaghanda is the ingredient responsible for the mood enhancing effects of Organifi green juice.

Vegan Friendly and Gluten Free

This 100% organic juice product is free of artificial compounds and additives. Since it is entirely natural, the daily use of it as a complement to your diet has no side effects.

Its also a perfect product if you are vegan as it contains no animal products of any kind.

Helps with Weight Loss

Organifi green juice functions as a meal replacement and as it is relatively low in calories its a great choice if you are looking to lose weight.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee, according to them just call their customer service line if unsatisfied, and they’ll have you send the canister back for a refund.

As I did not attempt to return my item I can’t comment on the effectiveness of the Organifi customer service team.



I didn’t mind the taste, but some people really don’t like it. You probably already know if you’ll like it or not based on your experience with powdered drinks and/or green vegetables in the past.


After opening, the product must be used within 60 days. Depending on your situation this may be difficult. Also remember to refrigerate the product after opening.


I only bought one bottle and while I liked it, the high price point is a bit much for me to make this a regular monthly purchase. Don’t buy unless its something you can afford.

I don’t currently have any plans to purchase a second month even though overall I liked the product, your mileage may vary.


This item may spare you some time with regards to shopping and then juicing the ingredients yourselves if you are looking to get some more health greens into your diet. The main issue I have with it is the high price point.

In any case, it might end up saving you some cash on sourcing all the individual greens and different fixings (ashwaganda can be pretty expensive on its own).

Overall, I think Organifi is worth a try.

The drink is meant to be used in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, not as a substitute for one.

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