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How To Lose Weight For Women After 40

Losing weight at 20 is FAR different from losing weight after 40, so let’s look at how to drop weight for ladies over 40 in 7 easy steps!

Women’s metabolic rate, the rate at which calories are burned while resting, drops by about 5% every ten years the age of 35. This means by 65; your metabolic rate is about 15% lower than it was in your 30s. This alone is enough to cause some additional weight gain as you age, even if you keep your diet and activity level the exact same – and let’s face it, most people get less and less exercise as they age.

It’s no surprise that we discover ourselves loading on the pounds, specifically around the mid-section, regardless of what we try to do to keep it off. It’s almost like our body is working against us.

To stay in shape (or get in shape) after 40, you need to meet the challenge of your changing metabolism head-on. And as you continue to age beyond 40, you may need to make additional tweaks to keep extra weight off and keep yourself looking good and feeling good.

1. Understand Your Body

You need to understand your body and its new slower metabolism.

This takes time, which is alright.

A woman’s body after 40 normally needs different nourishment and exercise to keep it functioning at an optimal level than it did when you were in your 30s.

Spend time getting to know yourself and also your body. What still works for you in the losing weight department, and what does not work as well?

You may not be able to handle an intense routine every day for exercise anymore, but yoga exercise may be calming for you and toning for your body.

Did three mugs of coffee in the early morning never appear to affect your weight gain before? If you start gaining weight, consider cutting back on the coffee/soda/or any other sugary drink, even if you’ve been drinking it for years with no problems. Now the chickens may have come home to roost.

It seems simple. However, the point is this: CHANGE THINGS UP!

During this discovery process, you might be able to determine some trends in your weight gain to help you more effectively target problems and make adjustments as needed.

2. Get Plenty of Sleep

Sleep troubles tend to worsen in our 40s.

Lack of quality sleep can affect your weight loss. Trouble resting can come from medications, underlying health issues, stress, and many other aspects.

If you’re having trouble getting a full evening’s rest, check with your doctor. They might advise a way of life tweaks or additional testing to rule out health elements.

You can try some little tweaks yourself, like cutting back on caffeine, spending more time outdoors throughout the day, or spending a minimum of one-hour unwinding with your favorite relaxing activity before going to bed.

3. Reset Your Hormones

Once we near the menopausal age, our hormones can do some goofy things. Since they regulate almost every physical function we have, it can throw our bodies off track.

Estrogen is much at fault for weight gain in our 40s as low estrogen can lead to lower insulin production, which can boost the threat of diabetes and also weight problems.

Various other hormones also play a role in weight gain when drugs, anxiety, and the foods you consume disrupt their normal levels.

Your hormones can be reset by making some lifestyle and diet plan adjustments.

First, de-stress on your own. Stress is one of the leading root causes of weight gain at any age. So, do more of the things you love and less of what you do not! Try some novice yoga exercises if you need a little added help!

Then, look at your diet regimen.

An overload of sugar and refined carbohydrates over a prolonged amount of time can basically “break” your hormones and your insulin receptors.

4. Increase Your Metabolism

Since your metabolic rate lowers swiftly in your 40s, it’s vital to discover all-natural ways to raise it with lifestyle and diet changes.

Possibly one of the most important changes you can make to your diet is tracking your day-to-day healthy protein consumption.

Healthy protein works as the foundation for your cells and physical processes.

The nutrient provides your body energy and helps build muscle to give your metabolism a boost. Plus, the protein will aid you to gain far better results from your workouts.

Women over 40 should aim for 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight every day to deal with muscle loss from aging.

If you need some help getting the called for amount of protein daily, try some chocolate-flavored protein powder.

5. Switch Up Your Routine

The exercises that once benefited your body might no longer be as efficient after you hit 40.

After 40, it’s vital to continue developing muscle mass without doing greater than your body can manage. The best method to do that is with selection in your workout regimen.

Females shouldn’t be afraid to challenge themselves after 40 with a different workout that can maintain all your muscular tissue groups functioning their hardest while increasing total metabolism.

Tip: Sticking to low-impact workouts is a smart way to reduce the chance of injury.

6. Drink More Water

You’ve most likely heard this one in the past, yet hear us out. As a culture, we have actually been gradually replacing the liquids that we consume with all kinds of abnormal sugar drinks, including soft drinks, soda, flavorful water, vitamin water, kombucha, etc

Now, kombucha is actually excellent, so do not get the wrong message there.

The point is that we neglect to just consume regular old water throughout the day, and many people avoid it because they don’t like it.

Challenge yourself to drink at least 3 glasses of water (750 ml) each day.

It will maintain your hydration levels, keep you feeling full, and flush out the toxic substances.

7. Stick To Real Foods

Losing weight over 40 isn’t just about dieting; yet it is about making over your diet regimen. The good news is, this does not mean you must get rid of everything you like eating.

Rather, it’s about learning to incorporate even more whole foods right into your diet regimen rather than the pre-packaged, refined foods you may consume now.

Sugar is ENEMY NUMBER 1 for slimming down.

Prepare meals with fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy protein sources like lean cuts of grass-fed meats, and you may lose weight much easier than you ever have.

You should also avoid refined grains, like white bread and pasta, because they act like sugar in the diet. Remember what we stated regarding “damaging” your insulin receptors. Swap out unhealthy carbs for healthy and balanced, complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, and brown rice.

Lastly, if you need some help to integrate all of these into a strong, easy-to-follow plan that is detailed, our 6-Week Fat Loss Bootcamp does just this.

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