rosewater cleanser

How To Make a Rosewater Facial Cleanser at Home

Facial cleansers are intended to remove the regular everyday dirt and grime that accumulates on the skin’s surface and in your facial pores throughout each day. This solution is ideal to use as a mild, freshening cleanser on your makeup-free days, after a workout, or anytime you feel a bit sweaty.

This rosewater cleanser doesn’t remove cosmetics, but it will work as a moisturizing lotion for parched skin: it’s very soothing and gentle and will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling like roses.

How To Make a Rosewater Cleanser At Home

  • Combine 1 cup rose hydrosol with 2 teaspoons vegetable glycerin into a glass or plastic bottle.

  • Shake for 30 seconds!

  • Whenever your skin needs freshening, simply apply this cleanser with a washcloth or cleansing pad. (Use 1 to 2 teaspoons per application.)

  • Label and Date the container – use within 6 months.

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