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Knowing These 10 Zero Calorie Foods Will Make Losing Weight a Breeze

Do foods with absolutely ZERO calories exist?

No, not really.

But some foods are so low in calories that the amount of energy your body used just to eat and process them burns up as many or more calories than the food itself has – effectively making it as if the food has zero calories.

These are foods that, in most cases, have 30 or fewer calories per average serving size. When you eat foods with such a low amount of calories, your body burns as many calories eating and digesting the good as the food itself has.

It is not recommended that you only eat these foods since your body needs to get a certain amount of calories every day to function properly. These ‘zero calorie’ foods simply won’t give you enough calories if they are all you’re eating. But if you’re already getting 1200 to 1500 or more calories a day or you are trying to lose weight and looking for something to snack on that won’t bulk you up, then these foods are perfect for you.

Note: While these foods contain extremely low calories, they still break a fast. If you are fasting, you should stick to water with added sodium (Himalayan sea salt) and potassium supplements for the duration of your fast.

Top 10 Zero Calorie Foods


Did you know that watermelon is made up of 90% water? When you are trying to lose weight, watermelon is the perfect food to eat. As a bonus, watermelon also contains a high quantity of arginine, an amino acid that aids you in melt fat faster.


For the average American, drinks account for around 30% of their daily calories. And the average total calories we consume per day is approximately 3600 calories. This is double the recommended amount for most women and up from the average of 2880 calories per day back in the 1960s and before.

Swapping out soda and fruit juice for water with a splash of lemon could be a life-saver; imagine getting 30% fewer calories every day just by making this one change? Give it a try and see how you feel after a couple of weeks!


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We’ve all heard it. This fruit is packed with fiber to leave you feeling full, so you aren’t as likely to be tempted to eat junk food. Have an apple; you’ll feel better.


One of my favorites! Full of antioxidants, Vitamin C, and folic acid, Grapefruit is a superfood, and like watermelon, it’s mostly water – grapefruits are 92% water, beating watermelon by 2% this fruit is a great way to get some extra hydration in. Try having some grapefruit for breakfast and start the day the right way.


Strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries are outstanding for whatever! Weight management obviously, yet also for our skin, and they’ve even been shown to have properties that fight cancer. Get more berries in your diet; raspberries and blackberries, in particular, are super good for you.


Cucumbers are 96% water, so they are impressive for keeping you hydrated, and likewise, they are a terrific low-calorie treat that will certainly help speed up your metabolic rate. There are high potassium content and Vitamins A and C, which will help flush toxic substances out of your body. Have some cucumber already, what are you waiting for?


Zucchini has the power to enhance digestion AND slow down the aging process, all the while helping you lose weight! And it actually tastes excellent too. The perfect combination to help push you closer to your weight loss goals!


Leafy greens are a pivotal part of any diet, and broccoli is considered a leafy green. Broccoli is jam-packed with fiber to help prevent you from overeating. It also contains healthy protein to help build those muscular tissues. A skinny body is not always a sexy body, but a toned one always is.


The long fibrous stalks of celery make it a filling and satisfying snack with a crunch. You can eat them cooked or raw in a variety of dishes such as salads and soups. Celery contains no fat, and it is low in carbohydrates. It is high in fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin A, potassium, and folate. Give celery juice a shot for a quick source of nutrients.

Be sure to try out some Celery Juice!


Carrots are packed with vitamins and lots of Vitamin A. They are also great for your eye-sight; a poor diet can cause blindness, but a diet with lots of carrots may strengthen your eyes. So next time you’re looking for a quick snack try some nice baby carrots!


As noted none of the foods listed here actually have zero calories, the idea behind so-called ‘zero calorie foods’ is that they are so low in calories that the basic processes your body goes through to eat and digest the food burns more calories than the food itself has making them effectively ‘zero calories.’

It is not recommended that you only eat these foods since your body needs to get a certain amount of calories every day to function properly. These ‘zero calorie’ foods simply won’t give you enough calories if they are all you’re eating.

And if you are doing a fast, unfortunately these foods will still break your fast. Stick with water, sodium, potassium salts, etc. for the duration of your fast.

For more nutrition tips check out our nutrition and super foods sections.

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