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Top 10 Reasons To Try An ‘Elimination Diet’ Today!

We’ve never been even more overwhelmed with healthy and balanced dietary options than we are right now.

The wide variety of nutritional programs include the paleo, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, macrobiotic, vegan, pescatarian, ketogenic, Mediterranean diet, and now the ‘elimination diet’.

With all these options, it’s no wonder some people find themselves paralyzed by choice, sitting in a huff asking themselves, “so what am I supposed to eat?” and “Which of these diets is best for me?”

The best way to figure out which diet is best for you is to rebuild your diet from the ground up. You can do this through what we call ‘the elimination diet.’

Many health and wellness professionals and nutritional experts concur that the elimination diet plan is the most useful. This diet regimen plan requires getting rid of specific foods for a few weeks while focusing on consuming nutritious foods rather than highly processed and sugar-filled foods. This diet strategy provides long-term health benefits such as enhanced energy, improved food digestion, enhanced sleep quality, clearer skin, and many other benefits.

These are the top 10 advantages the elimination diet plan offers:

1. Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation has actually been connected to various serious health and wellness issues, including weight gain, chronic tiredness, weak muscular tissue, and joint pain. It has even been linked to the development of cancer.

In order to treat these health issues successfully, the patient should first remove the cause of the swelling. This can easily be attained with the elimination diet regimen by getting rid of activating foods.

2. Boost Your Energy

Lack of energy, difficulty awakening in the morning, chronic tiredness throughout the day, and power crashes in the mid-day are all triggered by specific foods. Getting rid of these foods from your diet plan for a minimum of two months will significantly increase your power levels and boost your brain function.

3. Pinpoint Your Food Intolerances

Really feeling bloated, fatigued, or having brain fog after consuming certain foods is a sign that your body is intolerant to the food in question. By removing these foods from your diet, your immune system will be able to function at an optimum level.

4. Figure Out The Foods That Work For Your Body

Aside from eliminating the triggers, it would help if you also concentrated on eating foods that make your body function properly. Foods like almonds, berries, lean cuts of grass-fed beef.

5. Create a Diet Plan That Works Just For You

Among the best advantages of the elimination diet regimen is that it helps you recognize which foods help your body and which foods don’t. This is extremely personal as foods that are fine for some individuals may cause problems in others. The elimination diet plan will help you create a food-as-medicine plan fit just for you.

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6. Begin Recovery of Your Digestive System

According to Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, “All illness starts in the gut.” A modern study has also linked most chronic health problems with underlying intestine issues like leaky gut syndrome.

Due to the fact that the top gut damagers are being removed from your diet while the body is only fed gut-healing foods, the elimination diet regimen promotes a gut-healing process.

7. Power Your Immune System

One more vital benefit of this nutritional regimen is that it increases immune system performance, suggesting it reinforces your system and boosts general health and wellness. This is especially important if you’re susceptible to viral infections or have an autoimmune disease.

8. Decrease Intake of Refined Foods

Today we all know that processed foods are devoid of nutrients and bring about a wide variety of illnesses of all kinds, including high blood pressure, excessive weight, and diabetes.

An elimination diet regimen is the best way to jump-start clean eating and concentrate on getting lots of healthy recovery foods.

9. Provide Your Body Some TLC

TLC means Tender, Love, and Care. The elimination diet plan is not an actual diet plan as it focuses on producing a lasting food-as-medicine strategy that recovers your body and protects it from illness.

10. Be Conscious Of The Foods You Eat

Starvation diets are never good unless you want to starve. They may give short-lived benefits, yet are never great or long-term health. The body depends upon healthy and balanced nutrient-rich food for the correct feature. Paying more interest to what you are eating will help you on many levels.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a diet can be overwhelming, and there is no telling how your body will react. The beauty of the elimination diet is in its simplicity. You start from a very small selection of foods and slowly add more and more foods, giving yourself time to see how your body reacts allowing you to build the perfect inflammation-free diet that is just for you.

Give it a shot this week and let us know how it went in the comments below!

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